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>> schieffer: tonight, the roster of shame. major league baseball decides which players it will suspend in its drug investigation and for how long. terrell brown reports alex rodriguez is expected to get hit hardest. the obama administration defends collecting the phone records of millions of americans. bob orr tells us members of congress are skeptical. >> so what's it going to be next? >> pelley: can it be? anthony mason reports economic performance is now tied in part to how well lady gaga performs. and when julie stitt decided to donate her kidney, it set off a chain of events she could not have imagined. >> i've never seen anything like that in 28 years in the transplant field. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening, scott's off tonight on t's off nt, i am bob schieffer. the other shoe is about to drop as in the baseball drug scandal. major league baseball has gotified the players' union which players it intends to tspend. m don't know how many will be affected but the game's highest- pld player, alex rodriguez of the new york yankees, is expected to be among the hardest tht. terrell brown has our report. >> reporter: alex rodriguez worked out in tampa today, wocovering from an injury that has kept him off the field all year. with a suspension looming, the lnly question now if he will >>er play again. >> there it goes! >> reporter: a major league team ep ex s us the commissioner's office is considering suspending rodriguez for using performance-enhancing drugs and violating the league's thtegrity of the game policy. violating the integrity of the game policy could carry a .ifetime ban.
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ed fhis was a guy who was destined for the hall of fame. >> reporter: espn investigative ativrter t.j. quinn first reported this story in february. y> it's believed by baseball, at lyast, that he actively rmatructed this information. they have looked into charges hat he tampered with witnesses, tot he tried to get documents, possibly have them destroyed. if they've got the evidence to back that up, that adds a whole guher element to this case. >> reporter: in an interview for "sports illustrated" out today, rodriguez, the league's highest- utid player, seemed hopeful about his future. >> he's not the first player to use p.e.d.s. >> reporter: "sports illustrated" managing editor chris stone says rodriguez has rated"tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs which could lessen his pnishment on appeal. ssen hon't think the players union is going to accept a lifetime ban for one of their oayers. >> reporter: earlier this week, an attorney for rodriguez says ttorill fight any suspension by the league.
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the other players will face a wnimum 50-game suspension. an announcement is likely by mi friday, bob. >> schieffer: thanks, terrell. the national security agency onald congress today not to put new restraints on its ability to collect phone records when it's biacking down suspected terrorists. but congress had more questions than ever and when the head of the n.s.a. spoke to a cyber security conference he gotten a enexpected reaction from just underlined the growing skepticism about the agency's methods. here's homeland security bobrespondent bob orr. >> how do we defend this country? >> reporter: as n.s.a. chief .eith alexander was defending nge government's data collection ollectms at a cyber security conference in las vegas, he was egasrrupted by hecklers. interrupted by hecklers. >> i haven't lied to congress. >> reporter: intelligence officials are also feeling
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pressure from a skeptical congress. democrat patrick leahy is the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. >> so what's going to be next? when is enough enough? i think congress has to carefully consider the powerful surveillance tools that we grant to the government. >> reporter: to ease some of the fears, the obama administration today declassified three top- secret documents detailing the n.s.a.'s mass collection of u.s. phone records. a surveillance program first revealed by edward snowden. this is the april, 2013, order from the foreign intelligence surveillance court directing a phone company to turn over domestic call data. and these letters from the justice department to congressional intelligence committees claim the n.s.a. follows strict rules safeguarding civil liberties. while heavily redacted, the letters say n.s.a. programs collect in bulk certain dialing, routing, addressing and signaling information but not the content of the calls. the letters also say the data collection efforts are subject to an extensive regime of internal checks and are
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monitored by the fisa court and congress. top intelligence officials, including deputy attorney general james cole, again defended the programs and insisted privacy is not being sacrificed. >> nobody is listening to anybody's conversations through this program and through this program nobody could. no information like that is being collected through this program. >> reporter: but officials did signal they're open to possible changes in the programs, perhaps, for example, allowing phone companies rather than the n.s.a. to retain the call record. now, in defending the sweepup of phone records, the government points back to 9/11. prior to attacks, the n.s.a. it turns out intercepted seven calls from one of the hijackers to al qaeda handlers. but because there was no data bank of phone calls to search at the time, the n.s.a. now says it did not know the hijacker was already in america, bob, and making those calls from san diego. >> schieffer: okay. bob orr in washington. the federal reserve said today said the economy slowed a bit in
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the path month going from moderate growth to just modest. and the fed said it will keep interest rates low to stimulate it. the economy grew just 1.7% in the second quarter of this year but that was still better than the 1.1% in the first quarter. the government has revised the way it comes up with those numbers and, believe it or not, lady gaga is now part of the act. anthony mason has that. >> reporter: the economy was stronger last year than we thought. a new formula for calculating g.d.p. says it grew 2.8%-- better than the 2.2% first reported. the recession was also not as bad. g.d.p. fell 2.9% during the financial crisis, the new formula finds. it was down 3.2% under the old. >> we are certainly changing our estimates throughout history but
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we are not rewriting economic history. >> reporter: steve landfeld heads the bureau of economic analysis at the commerce department which began calculating the nation's gross domestic product in the depression. but the most recent formula undervalued creativity and research. so g.d.p. now includes creations in arts and entertainment like books, movies, and music. ♪ paparazzi -- >> reporter: the production of a lady gaga album, for example, is now part of the g.d.p. >> why we do it is because that lady gaga album will produce returns beyond just the current year. >> reporter: how does it feel to be part of the g.d.p. now? >> if it leads to people viewing it more as a job than i think it's great. >> reporter: nashville singer/songwriter jason isbell has written music for himself and the band "drive by truckers." did that you feel you were in a shadow part of the economy? >> yeah, definitely. any time i'd gone in to apply for a loan i felt exactly like
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that because i don't know who i work for. i still don't. >> reporter: you work for you. >> i work for me, but i'm not going to have them call me and ask for a reference. >> pelley: (laughs) >> reporter: (laughs) the government estimates entertainment added another $74 billion to the economy last year and research and development nearly $400 billion. bob? >> schieffer: thank you, anthony. president obama's trying to get congress to focus on his economic agenda and today for only the tenth time since he took office he went to capitol hill to do some face-to-face lobbying. congressional correspondent nancy cordes is there. >> reporter: president obama wanted to catch democrats just before congress heads home for a five-week break. what's the message you're bringing to the hill today? >> jobs, middle-class, growth. >> reporter: sure enough, after his meetings with house and senate democrats, all the party leaders were singing from the same hymn book. >> we have to focus on jobs. >> middle-class job growth is
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key. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: the move was designed to give democrats a positive agenda to take home to constituents during recess to head off touchier subjects like the president's controversial health care law. it's also an attempt to claim the high ground before congress clashes in september over funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. the president floated a proposal this week: corporate tax cuts in exchange for more funding for infrastructure and job training to spur employment. republican house speaker john boehner called it a recycled partisan offer. >> now, the only thing that's new here is that he wants to take some of that revenue and use it for more of his stimulus spending. >> reporter: democrats argued republicans are allergic to anything proposed by the president. senate majority leader harry reid. >> he's reached out to the republicans, as i've said before, so much that some of my democrats are jealous that he's been with them so much.
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>> reporter: republicans say they do want to see corporate tax rates cut, but only if that's peared with cuts to individual rates. democrats also say they want comprehensive tax reform, bob, but in a body this gridlocked it's hard to see how they can tackle something as complicated as overhauling the tax code. >> schieffer: i think you got that right, nancy. thank you. another deadly crackdown is looming in egypt ever since the military ousted president mohamed morsi four weeks ago. his supporters from the muslim brotherhood have been staging sit-ins. today egypt's new leaders ordered the police to clear the protesters out. what happens next could welcome down to the action of one man and clarissa ward is in cairo with our report. >> reporter: the most popular man in egypt was sworn into power a year ago by president mohamed morsi, the very man he ousted on july 3. general abdel fattah al-sisi is now widely regarded as this country's savior for ridding egypt of a deeply unpopular
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president. here on the streets, vendors are doing a brisk business in anything with sisi's face on it. he's now so popular many people are asking whether he's poised to become the arab world's next military strongman. last week, sisi called for mass protests and hundreds of thousands turned out. we saw people fighting to get posters of their hero. sisi claims he has turned over power to a civilian government, but his popularity has raised questions about his own political ambitions. retired general sameh seif al- yazal isn't worried about that. >> sisi already holds three of the most powerful jobs: commander of the armed forces, defense minister and deputy prime minister. today egypt's military-backed
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government ordered the breakup of the muslim brotherhood's protest camps. there have been two mass killings of morsi supporters in the past few weeks, but yen sameh seif al-yazal said it will be the muslim brotherhood's fault and not sisi's if things turn bloody. do you think this can be resolved peacefully? resolved peacefully? >> >> reporter: will they get it? >> i know quite well that the police will try definitely to make it the easy way, not the hard way. but i'm sure they will not do it the easy way. i'm sure they will like the hard way. >> schieffer: clarissa ward in cairo. clarissa, how did the muslim brotherhood react to all of this? >> reporter: well, bob, the muslim brotherhood has said that it is not frightened by today's announcement. a spokesperson for the group has accused the government of being "h "hungry for more blood." they argue that their protest is peaceful. they reject the accusation that
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they pose any kind of a security threat. and they've said that any attempts to try to disperse those protests will only harden their resolve. >> schieffer: okay, well, thank you very much, clarissa. will congress give students a break on their loans? why are wounded veterans forced to get treatment in mobile homes? and everybody in the pool, and i mean everybody. when the "cbs evening news" continues. acid r is at hand. for many, nexium provides heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. i get out a lot...
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>> schieffer: as far as the government is concerned, the war in iraq is over. afghanistan is winding down. but the battle is not over for nearly one million veterans of those wars who receive treatment at v.a. facilities. the problem is there aren't nearly enough clinics. why not, is the question? here's wyatt andrews. >> veterans deserve more. >> reporter: darren santiny is an iraq war veteran who resent what is he calls "the camper" this 30-foot r.v. in a lake charles, louisiana, parking lot which the set rance administration uses as a clinic. it has one primary care doctor but no specialists. what do you think about when you see-the-r.v.? >> i think it's pretty pathetic. because you have guys that live here and have fought for their country, did everything that was asked of them and they come back and they get mean? a mobile home? >> reporter: santiny needs specialty care for the brain injuries he suffered in an i.e.d. explosion.
5:47 pm
but those v.a. doctors are either a 90-minute drive away in alexandria, louisiana, or three hours away in houston, texas. the v.a. asked congress for funds to replace the r.v. with this full-service clinic, but the money was blocked. >> the veterans are being put on the back burner for lack of a better term, for political reasons. >> reporter: the lake charles clinic is one of 27 v.a. facilities nationwide that congress has put on hold because of a disagreement over accounting. typically, the v.a. rents clinic space from developers and congress pays the bill every year. but last fall the congressional budget office studied the v.a.'s rental agreements for the first time and concluded the clinics were government purchases, not rentals. that ruling meant the v.a. had to count 20 years worth of lease payments against this year's budget alone. the ruling was a budget-buster and forced the v.a. to stop the clinics. congressman charles boustany of louisiana represents lake
5:48 pm
charles. do you agree with that ruling? >> i vehemently disagree with that. >> reporter: boustany says the clinics are clearly rentals. not building them, he says, delays medical care for more than. 13,000 veterans just in his district. we need flexibility to make sure that the health care is local for our veterans where they need it and when they need it. >> reporter: the 27 clinics put on hold were supposed to serve 340,000 veterans, most of them in rural areas where no clinic means no care. outside the r.v., former marine kelly bousard says he often cancels his treatment for p.t.s.d. because of the two-hour drive. >> that means i have to find a babysitter for my kid because my wife works. if she stops working far day for me to go to the doctor we lose money on that. it's too far for us to drive. >> reporter: senate majority leader harry reid wants to reverse the c.b.o. ruling and build the clinics. house speaker john boehner wants to study alternate ways of financing the clinics.
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nine months after congress first learned this was a problem, the clinics are still on the drawing board and the veterans still wait. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. >> schieffer: and we'll be right back. back. i only use new thermacare® cold wraps. targettemp technology delivers a consistent, therapeutic cold to stop pain and start healing. new thermacare® cold wraps. a better way to treat pain. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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5:52 pm
school year. o.j. simpson was granted parole today but he won't be getting out of prison any time soon. the nevada parole board approved early release for some of his kidnapping and armed robbery convictions saying he has a good prison record. but he has to serve at least four more years on other sentences all dating back to his 2008 conviction for holding up two sports memorabilia dealers. parts of china have suffered through the hardest july in 140 years. shanghai had nine straight days of triple-digit temperature. in sichuan province the only way to cool off was an indoor wave pool. 15,000 people crammed in-- triple the capacity. one man said it was like a cold ron of boiling dumplings. that is a quote. when this woman donated a kidney, she had no idea whose life it might save.
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>> schieffer: in the past 25 years, living organ donors have saved or improved the lives of nearly 124,000 people in this country. often the donor has no idea who will be getting the organ and therein lies an amazing tale told tonight by chip reid. >> reporter: nine years ago, chuck stitt's kidneys began to fail but he refused his wife julie's offer to donate her kidney. so you really resisted having her do this. >> i felt like it was more my problem and why involve her? >> reporter: last year, after his body rejected his second transplanted kidney, he gave in, but it turned out his wife's kidney was not a match, so they signed up for the paired kidney exchange at the university of maryland medical center. under the national program, when they found a match, julie's kidney would go to someone else while chuck was moved higher on the transplant list. last december, he received a kidney and is now in good
5:57 pm
health. you consider her your savior? your hero? a lot of different words? >> very much so. very much so. >> reporter: but in a terrible twist of fate, julie's father, richard kern, had also begun to experience kidney failure. she asked the program if the kidney she had promised to donate could go to him, but under the rules, her kidney had eo go to the next person on the list. in a coincidence that the transplant doctors say was astounding, next in line was her father and their kidneys were a perfect match. >> i was just flabbergasted. i -- i've never seen anything like that in 28 years in the transplant field. >> reporter: dr. steven bartlett, head of surgery at the university of maryland, has performed about 3,000 kidney transplants, including richard kern's. if julie stitt had not given her father her kidney, where would he be today? >> waiting on the transplant waiting list as an elderly diabetic man, there's a lot of risk for him.
5:58 pm
so she saved his life. >> reporter: you decided you wanted to be a donor and you were stubborn? >> yes, that's my personality. i'm very stubborn. >> reporter: thank goodness for that, right, guys? >> oh, yes. >> she takes after me. >> reporter: what's it like sitting there having your daughter's kidney inside you? >> wonderful. i tell you, it's fantastic. couldn't be better. it's like my wife and i gave birth to her, gave her life and now she's giving me life back. >> reporter: a julie stitt says giving up a kidney to help save the two most important men in her life was one of the easiest decisions she ever made. chip reid, cbs news, myersville, maryland. >> pelley: that's the news for scott pelley, i'm bob schieffer, cbs news, in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald has facebook finally figured it out? after an embarrassing start to its public debut more than a year ago, it jumps a symbolic hurdle. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. for the first time facebook stock passed its $38 initial public offering something the company struggled to do over the past year. today shares were up to $38.31 before closing before $37. what's behind the rebound? some point to facebook's new mobile strategy. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre says not everybody is so positive. >> reporter: allen, when facebook held its ipo, investors were already concerned that facebook users were moving to mobile devices faster than the company was
6:00 pm
moving its ads there. despite these recent results, some say the growth needs to be sustained. >> after all your hard work, facebook home is ready to ship. >> reporter: you may have seen this humorous commercial from facebook ceo mark zuckerberg rolling out the new facebook home app. >> you can always -- forget, work, come play! >> share with your friends. >> reporter: in the ad, a bored facebook employee is watching his friends' activities on his home screen rather than listening to his boss. while the ad may be funny, home is just one serious example of the efforts facebook has been making to bolster its mobile strategy and while home itself has had mixed reviews, overall investors like what they are seeing. >> the stock is certainly on a tear over the past week after that earnings report increasing by more than a third in value. and a key for investors really is mobile advertising. that was the big takeaway from the earnings report. stock is still up on that. >> reporter: in the latest quarter, f
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